I have some things to say that I feel in my heart needs to be said. Please indulge me, as I have these things on my mind for months as I watch the news, and read social media.  After this, I will TRY to contain my self. (LOL)  It seems strange to me that so many members of the “swamp” have brainwashed some good people, and made them believe the crap they are sewing. I am also very aware that some people are just crazy and need some help and guidance. Seriously, I know that liberals are a pain in the azz…but I think a lot of them are just going off of what they BELIEVE they know…not what they ACTUALLY know. The problem with this is, many of them have become “radicals” much like ISIS! They start rumors and spread lies, yes; however, now they have resorted to violence in our streets and even in our churches and our homes! I am so angry about all of this mess! Some go on shooting binges, or other deadly acts. Others are content to just ruin the lives of others by inventing BS or stretching the truth of past mistakes of others in an attempt to, what? teach them a lesson? Get back at them? I don’t understand this. The worst problem is what has happened to, and is currently happening to our kids. In our schools, these semi-radical liberals are taking away the rights OUR children. (by that I mean American born folks that have been raised and lived here all of their lives) We and our children have always said the pledge at school…elementary thru high school…we have always prayed, either thru a “moment of silence”, or before sporting events or any extracurricular competitions. NOw…we have people who may well have been born here but are raised by parents who were not. They say our religion and beliefs offend them! What? Well, this is what I say….If they are offended by Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism or any of our beliefs that acknowledge Our Lord God, then they are the ones that should be allowed to leave the room, or better yet, start their own schools! Yes! That is their right. We cannot make them conform to our ways if they refuse, but they should not be able to force us to give up and back off from our parents, grandparents and ancestors teachings! These people fight…physically, and emotionally with hurtful rumors, and outright lies to make their points or to “bully” us to conform to them…and they are doing it IN OUR COUNTRY! I truly understand if they want to live as their ancestors did…but if so, they need to go back to their countries and live that way, not force the USA to become like wherever their heritage is from. The United States of America was founded on “In God We Trust”. I tell everyone who will listen to me, and I will state it here: We need God in our schools and in our governments. We need to learn about our history and instill a sense of patriotism our children, and grandchildren! As far as the brainwashed mass…come on guys! Wake up! This is America the Beautiful! The land of the free, and the home of the brave! Be proud to be a Godly patriot! Strive for success and love in our Lord and in the memory of all those who paid the ultimate price that has allowed us this right! I hope this isn’t too rambly…I just had to say this. I will be glad to have a conversation with anyone that wants to, in order to get some help in truly making and maintaining the Greatness that this nation had, has always had and will always have!  


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