The Funny Cat Diary

This was shared with me on Facebook, and I could not resist sharing this video with you!



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Severe Storm Damage In NW Tennessee

During the early evening on May 27, 2017, severe storms descended on NW Tennessee leaving a devasting path of destruction in its wake.  Our neighbors suffered home, business and physical damage.

According to The Tennessean, “Severe squalls and two tornadoes sped through Middle Tennessee on Wednesday, leaving damage and a reminder to residents in their wake: It is just the start of peak storm season.”  Several stories and videos describe this horrible event and the people who were caught in its midst.

For full details, pics and videos that will blow your mind, please see,

Prayers to those who lost homes, business or worse.


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Floaty Pants?

The Wildly Innovative New Flotation Device

Talk about a great idea!  I mean, forget about the Arm Floaties, or the cumbersome life jackets.  The newest floatation device that is hot on the market for this summer is called Floaty Pants.  Just like the arm floaties for kids, this device fits adult bottoms!  According to Amazon, there are four adjustable straps that will soundly secure your lower bottom area to create a perfect fit, and allow complete range of motion your arms and your legs.  I plan to invest in one for my teenage son who is still having some fear of water issues.  (I did as well as a child, and it took a lot for me to overcome it!)  So, believe me when I say that this may be a solution for him.  I only wish they had been around when I was a youngster!

  I would love to have you all try it and provide some feedback with your opinion of them/it.  If you do, please get back to me, as I am anxious to know your thoughts, and I am sure others would enjoy learning about it as well.

Please click the add below for prices and details on this fabulous new device, you may also order from this link as well.  No time to waste, because as you know, Summer is just around the corner!

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“Echo/Alexa” Products

If you are like me, you have more than likely heard both good and rather controversial stories about Alexa.  I was flipping through Amazon today, I noticed a lot of, what appears to be accessories for theAlexa with the name Echo.  Now, I know nothing more about these products than I have read on the Amazon site and a few others; however, it seems that Echo is another line of products including a “smart speaker” and a monitor/speaker unit that will show you various areas of the home if there is a concern to see them. The Echo products are meant to be used along with the Alexa voice interactive personal assistant.

These things sound fabulous for those of us who have larger homes, small children or grandchildren, or maybe even for busy families with work, after school activities, social engagements. For these type households, Alexa is said to be great to keep up with reminders and schedules.  It is also able to find things you asked for via the web in a matter of seconds, which for quick reference, would be handy as well.  Perhaps another “pro” of having Alexa, with or without the new “doo dads”,  would be for elderly people who live alone and need some assistance.

My home doesn’t need one, as we live in a really small home, and we fit absolutely none of the criteria I listed above.  I am rather curious, though.  Recently, I saw a news program that indicated that Alexa may not be so private.  It portrayed the device as a “tracker” or “spy” of some sort for government agencies.  If I am not mistaken, the CIA was mentioned.  My first reaction to this news report was, “Good Lord!  These people are paranoid!”  As I continued to watch, I could not help but think of George Orwell’s classic, 1984 and Big Brother.  I don’t know. I am not a paranoid person, nor do I dismiss things quite so easily.  Instead, I enjoy getting input from others who may have had or heard of experiences with this device.  After all, I may, at some time in the future, find myself in need of an Alexa type device.  If so, I would like to have more than a single news report or sales pitch to weigh in for my decision.  What do you think?  Do you own one?  Would you own one?

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