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Althought I found this on a research mission to boost my blog interest for potential readers, I was captured by the message of this insightful writer.

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My Very Favorite Dinnerwear

Lovely Franciscan Desert Rose

I am waiting….not patiently mind you, for the time when I am finally able to order this beautiful dinnerware.  My maternal grandmother had a set, and God only knows what happened to that when she passed away.  For years I had resigned myself to believing that I would never have it, but it seems as if the time may be closer at hand than I once believed!  At any rate, I wanted to show you this and let you all know that Amazon has some very stylish and traditional dinnerwear place settings in addition to the Desert Rose.  If you are looking to update your dinner table or just to have an extra set of attractive place settings, please check out my links to!

I think you’ll find just what you love, I know I did!





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Million Dollar Listing NY 2017

One of my absolute favs!


Ok, I admit it!  I am easily addicted to programs that showcase how “the other half” live.  Of course, I could never afford to buy any of the beautiful and breathtaking properties that are bought and sold in New York City; however, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying seeing them.  When I began watching this series, I was initially drawn in by the properties themselves.  You know, the sheer elegance of some and eccentricities that they offer.  It didn’t take long for me to also become interested in the agent’s personal stories as well.  Ryan Serhant, the rather successful and nice looking, yet self-indulgent young agent, manages to close sales but has a very controversial way of getting the job done.  Fredrick Eklund, the flamboyant, openly gay agent, is also very successful,  and who is also known for some scheming and underhanded tactics, but always seems to get the job done.  Both of these fellows have a soft spot for the people they love, and it is good to see them in that light as well.  This year, the new agent on the block is Steve Gold It appears this handsome newcomer will have the storyline of looking for Miss Right while establishing himself as an agent to reckon with.  No doubt, this show is easily one of my favorites!


The start new season caught me off guard, but now that I know it has started and I am caught up on the action, I can’t wait to see what this season brings!

If you are drawn to this kind of program, you can catch it on Thursday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.   Catch up on all the Buzz on their link below!  Enjoy!

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The Funny Cat Diary

This was shared with me on Facebook, and I could not resist sharing this video with you!



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Look At That View

What a beautiful day!


After a rain soaked several days, and some recent heavy storms in our area, today is absolutely lovely!  The sunlight is beaming on the full green trees on the mountain that is literally just outside my window.  Not only that…Look at that vivid blue sky!  🙂  This will be a good day to travel to the fruit and vegetable vendor for some fresh dinner ideas!  At 74° it was also a great day to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee!  (I think we have already covered my love for the morning delight!)

I hope your day is as beautiful and bright as mine!   Make the most of it and enjoy!



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Severe Storm Damage In NW Tennessee

During the early evening on May 27, 2017, severe storms descended on NW Tennessee leaving a devasting path of destruction in its wake.  Our neighbors suffered home, business and physical damage.

According to The Tennessean, “Severe squalls and two tornadoes sped through Middle Tennessee on Wednesday, leaving damage and a reminder to residents in their wake: It is just the start of peak storm season.”  Several stories and videos describe this horrible event and the people who were caught in its midst.

For full details, pics and videos that will blow your mind, please see,

Prayers to those who lost homes, business or worse.


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Early Mother’s Day!

My husband and I woke up, and as always on Sunday mornings, he started a pot of coffee while I stole a few minutes of extra sleep. Once I was up and enjoying coffee with my hubby, he announced that he was taking me to Cracker Barrel, my favorite restaurant of all, for breakfast! He said that even though Mother’s Day is not until next week, he wanted to take me today. We knew that next week would be horrendously overcrowded almost everywhere. I was surprised and extremely happy!

It was a beautiful cool sunny day and we enjoyed the drive into town. After stuffing ourselves with an awesome breakfast, we decided to go to Walmart and look around. He surprised me again with two new blouses and a beautiful potted orchid flower. The blooms are like a purple color with white designs in them. When I got home, I placed it outside on our patio table for a bit of indirect sunlight. I had to take a picture of it because it just made the nicest image of our patio set that sits on our front porch.

Next Sunday, I plan to lounge about and enjoy the day. I am hoping the weather is clear and sunny, just like today was. It will be nice for the two of us to have coffee on our porch with my pretty flower in the center of our table! I will post again for Mother’s Day, and I look forward to hearing comments and news about how you spent your day!