Easter Candy!

My diabetes was diagnosed just a couple of weeks before Easter Sunday this year.  As badly as I wanted to correct my blood sugar issue, and learn to control it, I ran into a lot of pushback from my desire to consume the usual Easter time candy.  My first “cheat” if you will, occurred when I purchased a small bag of flavored Easter Eggs.  I am sure you know the ones, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, pink.  Of course, they were all nothing but “pure sugar” but the strawberry, sour apple, lemon, cherry, blue raspberry flavors had me hooked deep.  I convinced myself that I could eat only a couple or three per day and still be “ok”.  Well it didn’t exactly work out that way: (No big surprise, right?) however, it didn’t destroy my glucose numbers either. Now, you may think that this small cheat would be enough.  I know I did…at least, at first. Jellybeans began calling my name! So what did I do?  Of course, I did!  Fruity, sugary droplets of bliss that I tried in earnest to ration reasonably, but it was very hard!  That was what I considered small cheat #2.  So far, I was fairly pleased with myself.  My numbers didn’t look too awfully bad, BUT… It was not long until my true guilty pleasure beckoned me mercilessly.  “What was that you may ask?” CHOCOLATE!!!  Oh yes, that was the biggie!  I fought against the little devil on my shoulder as long as I could, but eventually, I succumbed to the desire for my favorite Easter chocolate treat….Cadbury Eggs!!  Oh, my!  Yes. I did it again, but in my defense, I think my desire was somewhat restrained.  I bought six.  That was two each for my hubby, my son, and myself.




I am (sort of) proud to announce that since my three sweet treats have been gone, I have behaved completely, and my sugar numbers that had suffered a bit are now way better and I intend to keep them that way.  I believe my indulgence with sweets, though somewhat destructive, helped me move forward.  Now I need to make sure my will stays strong with summer cookouts and the upcoming holiday season later this year!  Please feel free to tell about any “Guilty Pleasures” you have had or indulged in.  I know I am not alone,  Right?  🙂

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