Coffee Connoisseur?

     I can’t honestly say that I am a connoisseur of coffee, nor of anything else really; however, I do enjoy all kinds of coffee.  I guess you could say I am more of a “coffee freak” than anything  Since I was in grade school, I was drinking coffee.  Every morning before school, my mom and dad allowed me to have a cup of coffee with my pop-tart and scrambled egg to start my day.  Since then, coffee has become a daily ritual with me in the mornings.  It didn’t take long for my coffee ritual to graduate to daily staple.

As a young adult, I tried many types of coffee, such as Dark Roast, Kona, Columbian and some lighter roast flavors, such as Breakfast Blend.  As time went on, the coffee industry introduced flavored coffee, and that was another area I began to explore.  A good friend of mine offered me a cup of Hazelnut Coffee, thus turning me on to that for a long time.  I began to seek out other flavors and found that there were delicious alternatives to the regular coffee that I grew up drinking.

I have tried and enjoyed many brands of coffee with the same or similar flavors over the years, from Eight ‘Clock to Starbucks and almost everything in between. I have to say that the breakfast blend type is my absolute favorite for everyday morning consumption, while flavored coffees, and yes even flavored creamers make a nice afternoon, or after dinner treat.

So how about you?  I am anxious to find out who out there is also a “coffee freak” or even a real connoisseur.  I am always open to suggestions for trying new brands or flavors, so tell me, what are your suggestions?  Let’s hear your stories about a favorite “cup of joe”!!

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