Kat’s Facts

Hi!  I’d like to introduce myself.  I am a 51-year-old, (heading for 52 next month!) ex-career lady.  Unfortunately, in 2014 I was deemed disabled and could no longer work.  Although I have severe arthritis in my hands and other vital joints, I am able to keep up with current content and produce articles that most women talk about, look for, share, and enjoy.  Please understand, I am not trying to gain sympathy, I just want, to be honest about who I am with you.  I have a wonderful husband and a 14-year-old son (stepson, but I am Mom now).  Some of my main interests include, cooking, both home cooking and elevated dishes, movies, books, home decor, new items out for each season that I have either tried or intend to try. I encourage feedback with comments. That is just the kind of social niche I am wanting to expand.  Coming soon I intend to have contests and quizzes that will be a lot of fun for all of us! Thank you for visiting, please comment and come again.   I am really excited about growing my blog, and I look forward to my new adventure with you!

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