Inevitable Diagnosis

At a fifty-one years old, I had worked in the administrative part of the healthcare profession for the better part of the last 25 years. Because of the nature of this profession, I had been through my share of physical examinations that were required for both my schooling and my employment.  No one had ever hinted that could have high enough blood sugar levels to be considered a diabetic, but I knew, deep in my soul that the day was coming.  It wasn’t because I was paranoid; rather, it was a medical fact that Diabetes was known to be hereditary.  You see, my mother and my father were both diagnosed with “adult onset” Diabetes.



In February of this year, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II after undergoing fasting lab work.   As you may or may not know, this is the type that usually requires oral meds only.  My doctor advised me that my blood glucose level at the time of the lab results showed a whopping 380!  As I said before, I was not necessarily surprised at the diagnosis, but the sugar level reported was pretty scary.  I am certain that my current disability status, along with my very poor diet caused my Diabetes.  Since 2013, I became disabled and had not been as active as I once was when I was working.  It seemed that nearly four years of inactivity seemed to have taken its toll.

I got lucky, though. In my case, I was prescribed not only pills but an “insulin booster injection” that I take every night before bedtime.  They say I am still only considered Type II.  Thank the Lord!


Now, My sugar levels are much better and I continue to learn, every day, what to do and what NOT  to do to keep them as low as possible.  I am sure some of you out there may be facing the same issues, and I would love to share experiences with you all, and perhaps we can support each other and be sounding boards for one another!  Please feel free to chime in with comments.  I may even have some of you do guest posts on recipes that work for you or any other helpful tips that we can share!


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